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ManicTime database (ManicTimeReports.db)

Although you can use ManicTime Server to share data between clients, it can be an overkill to set it up for some simple home scenarios. If you just want to combine the data from two databases, lets say create a timehseet from two locations, you can use ManicTime database plugin. It will load timelines from another database.

ManicTime database (ManicTimeReports.db) plugin works with database from ManicTime v4 or later.
ManicTime v4 has two databases, ManicTimeCore.db and ManicTimeReports.db. To show timeline data in ManicTime you only need to transfer ManicTimeReport.db file from the other machine.

On source machine:
- open ManicTime, go to Tools, Advanced, Open db folder.
- copy ManicTimeReport.db and transfer it to the other machine.
- on the other machine, go to Timeline editor and add ManicTime database (ManicTimeReports.db).
- point to the ManicTimeReports.db file you transferred from the other machine and select which timelines to show.

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