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Setting ManicTime Server administrators

From server web pages

If you are a server Administrator, you can add other users to "Administrator" role. Go to Administration (link at the top right of any web page on the server), then "Permissions". There you can add more users to Administrator role.

If you don't see Administration, Permissions section, it means that you are not the administrator on the server. 
By default, the administrator on the server is:
- Windows users - the Windows user which was logged on when ManicTime Server was installed. On server machines this is usually local Administrator account
- ManicTime users - this is chosen at install time by the person installing the server

If for some reason you can't figure out who Administrator is, you can still add one from command line after the server is installed.

Adding administrators from command line

You can add administrators from command line. Before you can add administrators, you need to stop ManicTime Server. Open command prompt where ManicTimeServer.exe is (usually in "Program files x86/ManicTime Server") and type:

ManicTimeServer stop

Windows authentication
In Windows authentication you only add username, for example
ManicTimeServer addadmin -u domain\username

If username contains a space, use double quotes:
ManicTimeServer addadmin -u "domain\user name"

ManicTime Server authentication  
In ManicTime Server authentication, you must add a username in the form of an email and a password:
ManicTimeServer addadmin -u -p somePassword
Then start the server again with
ManicTimeServer start

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