Azure DevOps plugin

Azure DevOps plugin will only take projects and tasks and display them in ManicTime, it does not report back the hours worked on tasks.

To use the plugin you must first install it. You can install it under Plugin manager, More plugins tab.

Once it is installed, click on Settings.

You need to enter your Azure DevOps Organization, so for example "ManictimeOrganization".

You can see your organization name under My organizations

Then a Login window will open, where you need to confirm access to this account.

 We suggest you prefix tags coming from Azure DevOps with "Azure DevOps" tag, so you can later identify them in Add tag window. Tags from Azure DevOps will look like: 
<any preceding tag you defined>, Project from Azure DevOps, Task from Azure DevOps [id]
Then open Add tag window and type "Azure DevOps" in tag field to filter by " Azure DevOps". Create a tag.

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