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"Some tags are hidden" notification in Add tag window

On ManicTime Server administrators can restrict which tags can be used. For example, let's say that these tags are allowed:
Client 1, Project X

Users can now use tags like
Client 1, Project X
Client 1, Project X, Activity 1

But they can not use tags like
Client 2
Client 2, Project Y

When you see a message "Some tags are hidden" in Add tag window, it means that some tags are not shown because of restrictions on ManicTime Server. 

"Some tags are hidden" notification

If you are importing tags from some other source, like Jira, try to prefix the tags so that they correspond to the allowed tags. In above example, you could prefix the tags with "Client 1, Project X", then they would show
up under Client 1, Project X, for example:
Client 1, Project X, Jira tag 1
Client 1, Project X, Jira tag 2

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