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To use the plugin you must first install it. You can install it under Plugin manager, More plugins tab.
Once it is installed, click on Settings.


Then, you need to do is click Test Connection to authenticate.


After that you need to set hourly rate, if you want to send Billable tags back to QuickBooks Online.

 We suggest you prefix tags coming from QuickBooks Online with at least " QuickBooks " tag, so you can later identify them in Add tag window.

Tags from QuickBooks Online will look like

<any preceding tag you defined>, Project or Customer from QuickBooks[id]

<any preceding tag you defined>, Project or Customer from QuickBooks [id], Custom tag

<any preceding tag you defined>, Custom tag

As you can see you can define “your own” QuickBooks tags or add custom text to existing QuickBooks tags, but to use this feature you MUST set the Starting Tags field otherwise you can only use the first two formats.


You can also send tags back to QuickBooks as time activities. All you need to do, is to go to Plugins -> Activities from QuickBooks Online -> Save work.



And then a screen will pop up, where you can choose, for which days you want to send tags as time entries to QuickBooks and if you like to round time or group tags and what do you want to send as time activity’s description back to QuickBooks online.



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