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Timeline Editor

Timeline editor allows you to add or remove timelines as well as change the order in which the timelines appear. To open timeline editor, click on the colorful icon just above the timelines.

On the Timeline editor you will see the list of timelines currently loaded. For now you can't remove the four default timelines, but you can change the order if you like. To change the order, use the arrow keys on the right. To add a timeline click on Add Timeline button.

You can add these types of timelines:

  • ManicTime database - gets data from another ManicTime database
  • ManicTime server timeline - gets data from ManicTime server
  • Autotags - used to calculate autotags
  • Google Calendar timeline - gets data from Google Calendar account
  • Outlook 365 timeline - Import from Office 365
  • timeline - Import from
  • Outlook Calendar timeline - gets data from local Outlook installation
  • Custom timeline - gets data from custom source. Use this if you would like to show data from other sources in ManicTime. For example lets say you have a database with phone calls. You can create a service which will read the phone calls from the database and show them on a seperate timeline within ManicTime

Most of these timelines only work when you are online. ManicTime requests the data for each day at the time, nothing is saved to the database. For these timelines statistics are also unavailable.

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