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Connecting to ManicTime server

Testing the connection to the server

Before you try to connect to the server from ManicTime, make sure that the server is visible. Open web browser and navigate to the server's URL. By default, server will be at

http[s]://<ip or name of server>:8080/

If you are asked for credentials or you see a page, then the connection is working. If you don't, then the server is probably behind firewall. Check with your network administrator about allowing incoming connections to the machine, where the server is running.

Connecting to server from ManicTime

To set up a connection to the server, open ManicTime, then go to Tools and settings -> Edit server.

For the URL, use the same URL you've used above to check, if the connection is open. Url should be with protocol (http or https).


If you chose Windows users during setup:

If you are using Windows domain, then you can just use “Current user” option and it should work.

If you are not using Windows domain (or don't know what Windows domain is), then try the username and password you use to login to the machine, where ManicTime Server is running.

If the user is part of a domain, you usually need to include domain with the username ( DOMAIN\UserXY )

If you chose ManicTime Server users during setup:

Click on "Following user" and then write correct username and password.

Which data would you like to send

On the next page you can select which data you want to transfer to the server. 

Server status

Once you hit Ok, you can see server status at the bottom of Main window. On the image bellow you can see ManicTime publishing one timeline and downloading tags.

If you right click on server status you can edit or delete the server. You can also double click it or choose 'Go to server' to open server's web site in the browser.

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