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ManicTime Server command line options

ManicTimeServer.exe supports the following commands:

  • ''ManicTimeServer install' - Install ManicTimeServer as a service
  • 'ManicTimeServer start' - Start service
  • 'ManicTimeServer stop' - Stop service
  • 'ManicTimeServer uninstall' - Uninstall service

Adding administrators from command line

You can add administrators from command line. Before you can add administrators, you need to stop ManicTime Server:
ManicTimeServer stop

Windows authentication
In Windows authentication you only add username, for example
ManicTimeServer addadmin -u domain\username

If username contains a space, use double quotes:
ManicTimeServer addadmin -u "domain\user name"

ManicTime Server authentication  
In ManicTime Server authentication, you must add an email for username and a password:
ManicTimeServer addadmin -u -p somePassword

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