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How to upgrade the server to newer version

Upgrading from ManicTime Server v2.x or older? Please read this.

If you are using .msi version

Just download the new .msi file and run. Setup will upgrade the server

If you are using .zip version

  1. Backup existing database - (optional, but recommended) Before you start we recommend that you backup the database. If this is SQL Ce database, you only need to copy the sdf file in Data subfolder to some other location. If it is a SQL database you can do this in SQL manager.
  2. Stop ManicTime server - Open command prompt, go to where ManicTimeServer is located and write
    ManicTimeServer stop
  3. Delete old files - Delete all files in the folder where ManicTimeServer.exe is located, EXCEPT:
    • Data subfolder
    • ManicTimeServerSettings.json
    Delete everything else.
  4. Copy new files - Download latest version of ManicTime Server and copy all files from the zip file to the folder.
  5. Start ManicTime server - In command prompt type
    ManicTimeServer start
    to start it as a service

While upgrading the server all ManicTimes which connect to the server can continue running.

If you experience problems while trying to start the server after an upgrade, there are logs in /Data/Logs folder. You can check the logs to see if you can resolve the issue, or you can send us the logs and we can help fix it.

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