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Keyboard shortcuts

There are a few shortcuts you can use within ManicTime.

On any view:

  • Ctrl-Tab - cycle through the tabs


On day view:

  • T - open Add tag dialog. If selection is already made, then the dialog will show up without time fields.
  • D - If you select some already tagged time, D will delete only Tags and keep all other data inside a selection.
  • Ctrl + F - Focus on Filter textbox at the bottom
  • Ctrl + Shift + F - Open Search window
  • Home or F9 - Today
  • PgUp or F7 - Previous day
  • PgDown or F8 - Next day
  • F5 - Refresh (or go to Today)
  • Ctrl+D - When autotags timelines is selected, it will toggle diagnostics mode


You can also configure Global shortcuts in Settings or Tag shortcuts in Tag editor.




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