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Filter timesheet

Filter works in the same way as on the Day view or Advanced search.
For example let's take this timesheet without a filter.

Now let's say I want to filter by just Project 1. I can type "Project 1" into filter box and generate report again.

Similarly, if I want to include everything except Project 1 I can use -"Project 1".

Filtering on tags in specific place

We had a question if its possible to filter tags, which for example have tag "Pizza" in third place, so for example:

match - "Personal, Lunch, Pizza"

not a match - "Personal, Pizza"

It is possible with the use of regular expressions. Here is how to filter for Pizza on 3rd place:

  #"^[^,]*, [^,]*, Pizza"  

There is extensive help about regular expressions on the web, so if you want to learn more about it you can google it.

Here is how you would use it to filter on for tag on 1st place:

#"^Some tag in first place,"

To filter on tag in 2nd place:

#"^[^,]*, Some tag in second place"

To filter on tag on 3rd place:

#"^[^,]*, [^,]*, Some tag in third place"

tag on 4th place:

#"^[^,]*, [^,]*, [^,]*, Some tag in fourth place"

You are probably seeing the pattern by now.

There are two things to beware of:

  • There is always space after the comma, then comes the name of your tag
  • Casing is important, so there is a difference between Lunch and lunch

And you can use - to include everything except the match.


And when you are satisfied with the report, use the save button at the top to spare yourself the trouble of going through the gibberish above a month later.





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