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Autotag editor

Sooner or later you will need to delete rules, rename autotags... you can do that in AutoTag Editor. To open the Autotag Editor, go to the Day view, pull down the picklist on the left of the AutoTags timeline and select Autotag Editor.


For most of the commands on the top of the window, one or more autotags need to be selected in the listview below.

  • Move up / down - Allows you to change the order of the tags. This is mostly useful when When first autotag is matched skip the rest option at the bottom is checked. When it is checked, ManicTime will first process first autotag, then the second one on all free time left (time which was not occupied by the previous autotag)....
  • Edit - Allows you to change the name and color of the autotag, as well as set Absorption
  • Show rules - Will display all the rules on the current tag. You can select more than one autotag and it will show rules for all selected autotags. On the rules editor you can delete the rules.
  • Delete - Delete autotag and all its rules
  • Export - Export all autotags to a text file, which you can import on some other machine
  • Import - Import autotags from a file generated by Export


'Apply to all' options

When first autotag is matched skip the rest

For example let's say you create two autotags:

  • When you're using Outlook with title 'Client 1' -> Autotag as 'Client 1, Communication'
  • When you're using Outlook -> Autotag as 'Communication'

When you are using Outlook with 'Client 1' in title, both rules will match resulting in double tag. If you check 'When first autotag is matched skip the rest', only one autotag will match. Which one will match depends on the order of autotags in the listview above the setting.

When setting is unchecked

When setting is checked



Copy tags to autotags

When checked, all tags will be be copied to autotags timeline. It is best used with setting 'When first autotag is matched skip the rest'. This way you can easily correct autotags by creating a tag where autotags are not correct.


Auto fill gaps smaller than X seconds

When you start autotagging, you'll notice gaps in autotags. A lot of them will be small gaps, like 10 second visits to sites you will likely never visit again. You can either autotag all this small sites, or you can use 'Auto fill gaps smaller than X seconds' setting. When this setting is checked, ManicTime will fill these small gaps itself. If the same autotag is on the left and on the right of the gap, ManicTime will use it to fill the gap. If a different autotag is on the left than on the right, ManicTime will divide the time equally to the left and to the right.
Please note that similar to Absorption, this feature is guessing as well. There is a good chance it is correct, but it can also be wrong.


Highlight auto filled and absorbed parts

I mentioned before that auto fill and absorption are two features where ManicTime is guessing a correct Autotag. When you enable this feature, ManicTime will show you these guessed parts on the timeline, so you can easily see which parts are guessed and when you need to fix it, add a rule.


Append rules data

This one is best explained on an example. Lets say you have autotag Browsing, which is hit if you use either IE, Firefox or Chrome.

This works ok, but how about if you want to know how much time was spent on each of the browsers? Previously you would need to make autotags: Browser, IE - when using IE Browser, Firefox - when using Firefox Browser, Chrome - when using Chrome Now you can just check Append rules data and MT will automatically append this data, so you don’t have to make a lot of extra autotags.


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