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Moves app timeline

Moves app timeline comes as a ManicTime Plugin so you first need to install Moves Plugin. (how to install plugins)

Moves app timeline will get the data from your Moves activity tracking phone application ( Data is NOT saved locally, so you need to be online to get the data.

To add Moves app timeline, open Timeline editor, then click Add timeline button, choose Moves app and click Next.
Next you need to authorize ManicTime to use your Moves data. Click Connect on add Moves app timeline form.

ManicTime opens Moves authorization window with authorization PIN code displayed in gray box.

Follow instructions in Moves app authorization window. Enter PIN in your Moves phone application, press OK and then Allow on Permission Request confirmation window.

ManicTime in now authorized to use your Moves app Data.

Click Finish and your Moves app Timeline is now seen on the Day view.

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