Creating autotags

Before we add our first rule, lets spend a couple more words on the nature of autotagging. Autotaggs are just rules, so they will work on any day in the past. This is the main difference between tags and autotags:

  • Tags are created manually
  • Autotags are calculated based on rules you define. That means that when the rules change so do autotags.

One more thing to keep in mind is that autotags can be more general or more specific than tags. For example lets say you check the news when you come from lunch. With manual tags you probably just assign those 20 minutes to 'Browsing, News' and you don't care if it was facebook, news about space or weather. With autotags it is very simple to make this tags more specific, so for example 'Browsing, Weather', 'Browsing, Social networks'....

On the other hand, when you tag some work manually you can be very specific, for example 'ManicTime, Help, User X' with note 'Help about autotags'. This level of detail is almost impossible with autotags. I can say when I visit '' tag as 'ManicTime, Help', but its impossible for me to create a rule which would know whom I was helping. So autotags can sometimes be more general and sometimes more specific.

Now we are ready to add some rules. Right click on any activity on any timeline (usually rules will be based on Applications or Documents timeline) and click on Add to autotag command.

Top part of the Add to autotag window shows the rule, so what ManicTime will look for. Bottom part is the tag to which you want this rule assigned. Lets say you want to tag '' as 'Browsing'.

Once you click Ok, autotag timeline will start to fill up. You can make any number of rules.

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