External tag sources

Some of you already have tags defined in some other system. These can be issues on FreshBooks or Jira, or maybe todo list from any number of apps.

Currently you can add pre-existing tags from these sources:

Plugin system is public so you can make a plugin for any service you want. If you'd like to write your own, you can find a sample plugin on GitHub.

To add tags from other sources, open Tag editor -> Tag sources.

Local file and manual entry

Manual entry and local file work in the same way, so you can use the same syntax for both.

Put each tag group on its own line, tags are separated by comma.

Client 1, Project X, Activity 1
Client 2, Project Y, Activity 2

You can use partial tags for easier tag generation. Lets say each project has subtags Design, Programming, Testing. You can use:

Project X,
Project Y,

This will create the following tags:

Project X, Design
Project X, Programming
Project X, Testing
Project Y, Design
Project Y, Programming
Project Y, Testing

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