Upgrading ManicTime Server from version v1.x or v2.x

If you are upgrading ManicTime Server from v1.x or v2.x, you need to first upgrade to v3.1, then you can upgrade to latest version. (version is displayed in bottom right corner on server pages).

Upgrading to v3.1:
  1. Stop ManicTime server - Open command prompt, go to where ManicTimeServer is located and write
    ManicTimeServer stop
  2. Delete old files - Delete all files in the folder where ManicTimeServer is located, except the Data folder and ManicTimeServer.exe.config file. So keep Data folder and ManicTimeServer.exe.config file intact, delete everything else.
  3. Download this file and copy all files from the zip file to the folder.
  4. Run ManicTimeServer upgradedb

After it finishes, upgrade to latest version:
  1. Download the latest ManicTime Server setup (.msi) from download page
  2. Run .msi, it should find your current server and upgrade it.
After new server is up and running, it is running from Program files(x86)/ManicTimeServer, so you can delete the old folder, where ManicTimeServer.exe was originally.

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