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Which database to choose?

ManicTime Server supports three types of databases:
  • SQLite
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSql

SQLite is a file database, there is nothing to install, it works out of the box.
The other two are much more powerful database engines, which you need to install, prior to installing ManicTime Server. Both can handle more data and more users than SQLite. It doesn't matter which of the two you choose, both have similar capabilities.

Comparison table
SQLitePostgreSQLMicrosoft SQL Server
Is it free?YesYesMS SQL Express is a free version, supporting databases of up to 10GB in size (download)
Backup planYou can stop the server and copy database fileYesYes
Need to install before installing ManicTime ServerNoYesYes
Recommended number of usersUp to 5, but may work ok with moreNo limitNo limit
Use SQL to transfer data from ManicTime Server to some other databaseYesYesYes
Can be hosted on a different machineNoYesYes

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