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User type - which to choose?

ManicTime Server can authenticate users in two ways:
  • Windows authentication
  • ManicTime Server custom authentication
You can select user type during installation. If you would like to change it, run the setup.bat (next to ManicTimeServer.exe) to start the setup wizard.

Windows authentication  
Choose Windows users if your users are already a part of a domain. This way you don't have to do anything, domain users will be able to access ManicTime Server automatically.
This option also allows you to use Group policy to deploy ManicTime across your organization.
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ManicTime Server custom authentication  
Choose ManicTime Server native users if the machine where you are installing ManicTime is a standalone server, not part of any domain. This is also a better option if you have a lot of Mac users.
If you choose this option, you will have to create user accounts for each user once the server is installed.
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