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User type - ManicTime Server native users

If you chose ManicTime Server users during installation, ManicTime Server uses ManicTime Server native users for authentication. Once server is installed you have to create user accounts.

Sending data from ManicTime to ManicTime Server

Open ManicTime, go to Tools -> Server manager -> New connection. Enter the server url (it should be https://...)
You need to use Following user and enter user's credentials.

Creating additional users

To add more users, go to Administration -> Users and click on Create user.
Create native user
When you create a user you get an activation link, which you can send to the user. Activation link allows the user to choose his/her own password and then use the account to login or send data with ManicTime.
Activation link
Activation link - choose a password
User can then use the same username and password to send data from ManicTime.
Connect ManicTime with native user credentials
In Administration -> Email you can setup an email account, which ManicTime Server uses to send emails. When account is correctly configured, you can also send activation links via email.
Send activation and password reset links via email
If you suspect an account has been compromised, go to Administration -> Users and click on Reset password next to a username. After you click Reset password, user will be logged out from all devices and he/she will need to choose another password, before he/she can use the account again.
Reset password

Password policy

You can also choose a password policy for your users (Administration -> Users -> Password policy). By default password needs to be 8 chars long and contain at least 2 of these groups:
  • lowercase letters
  • uppercase letters
  • special characters
  • numbers
Sample passwords with default settings:
  • 123 - Invalid (too short)
  • sljkdflw - Invalid (only one group is used)
  • 23984kjh - Valid
Password policy

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