ConnectWise plugin

To use the plugin you must first install it. You can install it under Plugin manager, More plugins tab.
Once it is installed, click on Settings

Filling connection details

Then you need to fill the requested fields: 
1. Company is the same as in the ConnectWise Manage login screen.
2. To obtain your public and private key, log into ConnectWise and click on your user in the upper right hand corner, then go to My Account. Click on the API Key tab and generate a new API Key. Save it somewhere, because if you don’t, you will have to create new api key (you can see private key only one time). 
3.  The last part you need to know to integrate ManicTime with ConnectWise Manage is to know where you server is located. 
The possible locations for servers are:
  • (Australia)
  • (Europe)
  • (America)
  • (Staging) - used for testing

If you don't know which one to choose, you can find this it like this:
  • If you use Desktop App you can see this in the login screen:

  • If you use browser to access ConnectWise Manage you can see your server location at the start of the Url.


  • The 3rd option, where you can see your server Url is, if you go to system settings and then click My Company and scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see your Server Url in the Miscellaneous Options section under Site Url For Manage.

That is all the setting ManicTime requires to successfully integrate with ConnectWise Manage. All you have to do next, is to click Test Connection.


The following permissions are needed in the Role ID profile to successfully integrate ManicTime with ConnectWise Manage:


Configure plugin in ManicTime

If you filled everything correctly, then after you press "Test connection" the window should update with additional settings where, you can choose which tags you want to see in ManicTime. 
If you want to select individual items, you can click Custom button, which will open all available items.
We suggest you prefix tags coming from ConnectWise Manage with "ConnectWise Manage" tag, so you can later identify them in Add tag window.

Using ConnectWise tags in ManicTime

Tags from ConnectWise Manage will look like:
Charge Codes:
<any preceding tag you defined>, Charge Code [Charge Code Id]
Service Tickets:
<any preceding tag you defined>, Company from ConnectWise Manage[ Company Id], Service Ticket [Service Ticket Id]
Project Tickets:
<any preceding tag you defined>, Company from ConnectWise Manage, Project [Project Id], Phase, Project Ticket [Project Ticket Id]
Then open Add tag window and type ConnectWise Manage in tag field to filter by ConnectWise Manage. Create a tag.

Syncing tags back to ConnectWise

After you make some tags, go to plugins -> Time Entries From ConnectWise Manage -> Save work

This will send tags you created in ManicTime back to ConnectWise Manage. On ConnectWise Manage you can view transferred time in the Time Entry Search option under Time & Expense tab.

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