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Alerts allow you to get a notification after you have used some application or web site for more than the time limit you have set. For example:
  • Notify me when I have used Facebook for more than 30 minutes
  • Notify me when I have used Firefox for more than 2 hours
  • Notify me when autotag Browsing exceeded 1 hour
To create an alert, click on a specific timeline to select it, then right click on a group in bottom right part of the screen.
Create alert
In Create alert window you can choose settings for the alert.
Create alert window
On the toolbar, there is an alert panel which will tell you how many alerts are under the limit (check icon) and how many are over the limit (cross icon).
Alerts panel
Once the alert is triggered, a notification will pop up.
Alert notification
If you hover over the panel, detailed information about alerts is shown.
Alerts details on hover
To edit alerts, click on Alerts at the top, then Edit alerts.
Open alerts editor Alerts editor

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