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What is ManicTime Server

ManicTime Server receives data from ManicTime clients installed on your network and provides reports, which you can view with a web browser. It is useful for teams or companies of any size as well as single users working on multiple machines. It is an on-site application, you install it on your machines. Since it is running on your machines, the data never leaves your site.

To use the server you need to have ManicTime Pro license for ManicTime clients, server itself is free of charge. Licenses are per user, so the number of users equals the number of licenses.

You can see a demo here.  


ManicTime Server runs on Windows and supports three databases:

  • SQLite - default. We recommend it for up to 5 users, although it might work ok for more (depending on the hardware). It is the easiest to use, since you only need to install ManicTime Server.
  • PostgreSQL - you need to install it before you install ManicTime Server. 
  • Microsoft SQL Server - you need to install it before you install ManicTime Server. (you can use the free MS SQL Express)

3rd party integration

You can integrate ManicTime Server with your existing solutions directly via database or via web services.

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