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Copying autotags to tags

While tags are always created manually, autotags are calculated for each day separately. When the rules change, so will the autotags. If you are doing any kind of billing, you usually want your history to remain the same. With autotags, summary can be completely different six months from now. That's why we included an option to copy autotags to tags. When you copy autotags to tags, tags are created just as if you would create them by hand.

You can copy autotags to tags on any given day. You can copy all autotags for a day or you can first make a time selection and then copy just those which are within the selected time. To copy autotags to tags, click on 'Copy autotags to tags' button. In the image below, autotags will be applied only to the selected section.

When copying autotags, there is a possibility that the same time was already tagged. In the image below, I first manually created a tag, then selected the same time and clicked on copy autotags to tags.

ManicTime will detect that by copying autotags to tags some of the tags will overlap. When this happens you will see the following dialog.

Result of all three choices can be seen below.


Double tag Tag only untagged time Overwrite existing tags


Copy autotags to tags for multiple days

You can copy autotags to Tag timeline for multiple days. Click on the new button, next to the old Copy autotags to tags and choose a date range. It will remember the To day, so the next time you run it, it will run from the day you ran it last.
Copy autotags to tags for multiple days

Creating different tags from autotags

Sometimes you don't want to just transfer the same autotag to tag, but you want to add some more information to it. For example I could have an autotag 'ManicTime, Programming' and I want to instead tag it as 'ManicTime, Version 2.0, AutoTags' with note 'Bug in autotagging'.

To do this I first need to click on AutoTag timeline to select it, then I can right click on autotag 'ManicTime, Programming' in the bottom right corner and choose 'Tag group as' command. Now I can enter any tag I want.

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