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Using server tags in the client

To set tags on the server, visit the server with the browser, then go to Admin -> Tags tab (you need to be an Administrator on the server to see it)

Here I’m using manual entry. Each tag combination must be on its own line.

To make a connection from ManicTime, go to Tools and settings - Edit server:

  1. Set Url to the server and credentials
  2. Select which timelines you would like to publish to the server

Once the server is added, you can see its status in the bottom part of MT.

It is showing that server tags are set to download from the server. If I would add some more tags on the server now, they would be updated locally in a few minutes.

Here I’m using a fresh installation of ManicTime, so there are no pre-existing tags. Notice that when I go to tag some time, the tags I entered on the server are already suggested.

Now let's see what happens if I want to tag some time for Client 100.

I get a message saying this is not a valid tag. Why is that? Because these tags are not part of the list on the server. Let's look at the tags I defined on the server again:

Client 1, Project 1
Client 1, Project 1, Activity
Client 1, Project 2, Activity
Client 2, Project 1
Client 2, Project 1, Activity
Client 2, Project 2, Activity

Notice that 'Client 100' is not among them. I can however tag 'Client 1, Project 1'. Or if I wanted to tag as 'Client 1', I would need to put 'Client 1' on its own line on the server tag list. Once the correct tag is entered, the textbox gets a greener background.

There is one more thing to be aware of. ManicTime will only check for the starting tags, so 'Client 1, Project 1', however you can add anything after that. For example 'Client 1, Project 1, Design' is also valid. Let's say that I added 'Lunch' on the server on its own line. On the client I can now create tags like:

Lunch, Restaurant
Lunch, McDonalds
Lunch, Chinese

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