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Settings - Privacy and notifications

Show icon - when unchecked, there will be no ManicTime icon in the system tray even though it will be running in the background. You can open the UI by clicking on the ManicTime in Start menu (same as if you want to start it)

Show notifications after away - even though ManicTime provides you with a lot of information about your computer usage, it doesn't give you any clues as to what you were doing while Away. This could be a problem, especially if you tag your time at a later date, since you can often forget what you were doing at some time.
If you check this option ManicTime will display Add tag window upon return to your computer and you can quickly write a tag which describes your actions while Away. Depending on the setting ManicTime will either display Add tag dialog or just show a hint near the icon in the system tray.

Don't show Away view if stopwatch is running - Usually when you use a stopwatch you are already working on something, so the Away view you receive when coming from inactivity is unneeded.

Require password if ManicTime is locked - When unchecked ManicTime will not ask for password. (this is used only if password is set)

When windows is unlocked, always show Away view - When this is checked, Away view will always be shown even if the away time is only a few seconds long.

If Show icon is unchecked, notifications for Away time are not displayed.

Password protect -When password is set, ManicTime can only be opened with a password. Database is encrypted with the same password, so even if somebody copies the database, he still needs a password to view the data.

Anytime ManicTime is restarted, it will ask you for a password, when you first open UI (main window). Based on the settings it can also ask you for a password on any subsequent open.

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