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Exporting data from timesheet

Once you generate the timesheet, you have three options to export the data:

  • Copy to clipboard
  • Export to csv
  • Export to QuickBooks

Copy to clipboard

Use this option if you want to copy to Word or Excel. Click on Copy to clipboard, open Word or Excel and paste (Ctrl-V).

You can also Ctrl or Shift click the rows and copy only the rows you want.


Export to csv

Export to csv file. You can use .csv file as an import in many applications.


Export to QuickBooks

Warning! Please take care when using this feature. You have to set the correct values, which you are already using in QuickBooks. QuickBooks will import just about anything, so be extra careful and double check the values you are using or you might end up with a lot of extra data.

When you click Export to QuickBooks, a dialog will pop up.

On the left you can see names of the fields as they are presented in QuickBooks. On the right you can choose one of the following options:

  • Leave empty
  • Custom value - When this is chosen you can enter some text which will be the same for all rows
  • First level tags - In tag 'Client 1, Project 1, Activity 1', Client 1 is the first level tag
  • Second level tags
  • Third level tags
  • Fourth level tags
  • Notes

Once you click Ok, ManicTime will generate an .iif file which you can then import into Quickbooks. The values you use for export will be saved and loaded next time you use QuickBooks export.

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