Deleting tags

Deleting individual tags

You can delete any tag on Day view by right clicking on it, then choose Delete.

Deleting tag combination

To delete all tags of Tag combination, go to Tag editor -> Tag combinations, select it and choose Delete. Deleting tag combination will also delete all activities.

Deleting tag

To delete a Tag, go to Tag editor -> Tags, select it and choose Delete. 
Lets say we have these tag combinations:

  • Project 1, Design
  • Project 1

If we delete Project 1, all activities tagged with just Project 1 will be deleted, all activities tagged with 'Project 1, Design' will be changed to 'Design'.

Fixing typos

Sometimes you make a typo and that tag haunts you forever. In this case you can delete it in Tag editor -> Tags

In free version you can do the following to get rid of it:

  1. Create a tag with it.
  2. Then right click on the tag and choose All instances of ... -> Rename
  3. Rename it to some existing tag.
  4. Then just delete the tag you created.

After that it should not show up anymore.

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