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Warning: Because screenshots can take up a lot of space, ManicTime will store screenshots for the past 3 days (default setting). You can change that in Settings, Screenshots
To enable screenshots, open Settings -> Screenshots and check Enable screenshots.
Screenshots are visible on Day view. By default, they will be visible in the tooltip.

Moving your mouse over the timelines will update the screenshot.  

Screenshot viewer

If you press F12, screenshots will show up in bottom half of ManicTime or in a dedicated window. Those with two or more monitors will find dedicated window handy. 
Screenshot viewer in another window
To toggle between screenshot viewer in a window or as part of the bottom section of ManicTime, click on grey square icon.
Toggle screenshot viewer (dedicated window <---> bottom section of ManicTime)

Freezing screenshots (zoom, edit, copy, next, previous, delete...)

To get to the screenshot toolbar menu (zoom, edit, copy...), press F11 while viewing a screenshot. This will freeze the screenshot, which will allow you to use the toolbar below.
Screenshot options
You can:
  • Zoom - use mouse scroll to zoom
  • Pan - hold down left button and drag
  • Zoom 1:1 - zoom to native resolution
  • Navigate to previous or next screenshot - left/right cursors keys or CTRL-mouse scroll
  • Save as - opens a Save as dialog
  • Open in default viewer - opens image in default viewer
  • Open in default editor - opens image in default editor
  • Delete screenshot - deletes the image from disk

Screenshot tagging

While screenshot is freezed, you can now hold down Shift (or CTRL for multi selection) and press cursor keys. This will start a time selection, which you can then use for tagging.

Delete screenshots

You can now delete screenshots by making a selection, then go to Delete -> Screenshots. Delete -> All will also delete screenshots.
Delete screenshots

Screenshots settings

By default, ManicTime will take a screenshot every 30 seconds of any application you use. You can restrict ManicTime to only take screenshots of specific applications. For example screenshots are very useful in remote desktop applications like Remote desktop, TeamViewer, where ManicTime doesn't show a lot of data.

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